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How to take care of your new boiler

How to take care of your new boiler

We show you how to take care of your new boiler to help you in the long run!

Here are some tips of how to take care of your new boiler, it doesn’t have to be brand new you can look after any boiler in this way – it will benefit both your home and you bank account! Lets face it, it is pretty easy to forget to look after your boiler, but these tips should help you make it really last and get value for your boiler money.

1 – Annual boiler service

The simplest way to keep your boiler running as efficiently as possible is keeping up to date with your annual boiler service. Your boiler should be serviced every 12 months by a gas safe engineer – they ensure that everything is running smoothly, that your boiler is safe and also keep your manufacturer’s warranty active (if you have one).

If your boiler has a problem, while your boiler is being serviced it is likely to show up so any necessary repairs can be carried out at this stage, rather than waiting for it to break down (usually on the coldest day of the year!).

2 – Bleeding your radiators

If your radiators aren’t running efficiently, this can cause your boiler to work a lot harder. It is quick and easy for you to bleed your radiators, here is a simple guide to help you bleed your radiators. All you have to do is open your radiator valve and let out the trapped air that is causing them not to heat up properly.

3 – Regular cleaning

Cleaning your boiler is never on your to do list, but like every other part of your house your boiler collects dust. Cleaning of the boiler should be something that is done by a professional – your boiler is pretty complicated on the inside and to save any risk you should ensure that you get your boiler serviced each year as a gas safe engineer cleans it as part of your service.

4 – What is the pressure of your boiler?

Boiler pressure is quite often the quickest indicator that you have a problem with your boiler. Over time, boilers can lose pressure which in turn decreases its efficiency. It is important that you check your boiler pressure every few months, if the pressure is below 1 bar you can easily top this up – every boiler we fit is left with instructions in your manual, here it will tell you what bar you need to top your boiler up to. Check out our how to guide to help you top up your boiler pressure.

5 – Clutter clogging your boiler?

We know that space is precious in most homes, and if we have a tiny bit of space that we will always look to fill it. But, it is important that the space around your boiler should be kept clear as your boiler needs to be adequately ventilated as all times.

If you ever think that you need any help or that your boiler is not working to full capacity, you can always give our lovely office staff a quick call and we can always help you out.


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