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Smart technology (and a smart boiler) can help you in many ways…

Smart technology (and a smart boiler) can help you in many ways…

Smart boiler solutions are changing the boiler landscape & we breakdown how you can take advantage

There are lots of different options on the market for Smart boiler solutions, making it far easier to regulate the temperature of your boiler. But a lot of our customers are unsure how smart technology can actually help you, so we have a quick guide to help you understand how you can make your boiler SMART!


Your smart thermostat can easily by personalised to suit your lifestyle and house preferences, and more importantly it can be easily changed at a click of your phone if you wish.


Some thermostats such as the NEST will also learn about your lifestyle, it is programmed to remember what you like and change your boiler settings to your preferred temperature without requiring you to make any changes.


Traditional thermostats mean that once you have left the house that you can not affect the heating settings. However, using smart technology can help to lessen the worry of using unnecessary energy when you are not at home and increasing your heating bills.

Some smart thermostats have ‘auto-away’ features, this gives the Smart technology the ability to use sensors to detect whether there is anyone in the house at any point. If you do rush out and forget to change your settings, your thermostat will know to turn off the heating so you won’t be heating an empty house.


Most smart thermostats come with a mobile app that you can download to allow you to control your central heating system when you are within or away from home. So, if the weather suddenly turns cold or you are going home sooner than you have your heating set to come on, you can start heating your home so that it is nice and warm before you arrive.


Smart technology & a smart boiler encourages energy efficiency and makes monitoring your energy easier.

Nest thermostats are great for helping with energy efficiency, they have a symbol to help you know when you are using an energy efficient heating setting and they also send you monthly reports if you wish about your energy usage – this can help you understand and improve  your efficiency to save yourself money.

We can fit all of our boilers with a smart thermostat. Plus with our amazing payment plans you can easily fit this in to your boiler quote. If you would like to know some more about how we can help smarten up your boiler then give one of our lovely customer service team a call on 01514829519

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