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What is a Chemical flush & how can it help boost your system?

What is a Chemical flush & how can it help boost your system?

Not quite sure what a chemical flush is? Well, don’t worry! We break it down for you & show you how it could help boost your system!

At CBQ we are passionate about fitting a central heating system that is in great condition that will always perform when you need it to. Therefore, all boiler installations we offer you the option to have a FREE chemical flush – this can significantly improve efficiency, increase the lifespan of your central heating system and help prevent any unwanted breakdowns!

What is chemical flushing?

Powerflushing is a process that uses powerful chemicals to flush out any sludge or debris that may have settled within your central heating system. It makes sure that the water that your boiler is generating can effectively filter throughout the whole system to heat it as efficiently as possible.

Why might your system need chemical flushing?

There are many reasons why CBQ might recommend a chemical flush as part of your installation or service to your system. Below are a list of some of the problems the could be fixed with chemical flushing;

1 – Do you have some rooms colder than others?

If some of the radiators in your rooms are not heating up to maximum, or are taking longer to warm up than others then chemical flushing could help improve this. Having a heating system that is clean and efficient will help ensure that hot water flows around your home without any rooms feeling colder than they should.

Have a feel of your radiators, do they warm at the top but not the bottom? This could be caused by a build up of sludge at the bottom of your radiators.


2 – Is your central heating taking a long time to warm up?

Sometimes your central heating might be taking longer to warm up, chemical flushing could help speed this up. Having a central heating system that doesn’t produce heat or hot water as soon as you need it can be very frustrating, especially in the winter months!

3 – Are you having to bleed radiators frequently?

If you have had to bleed your radiators on a few occasions, this might mean that you could benefit from chemical flushing. When you bleed your radiators, if the water colour is particularly discoloured and dark then that could be a sign of sludge or debris lying in your system.

4 – Do you have hot water?

Having a limited amount of hot water, or non at all means that you have a problem – this might mean that there is something more going on in the system but it could be something as simple as needing your system cleaned down with a chemical flush.

5 – Treat yourself when you get a new boiler!

Here at CBQ we offer a FREE chemical flush, while our gas engineers are on your property they will ensure that a full chemical flush is completed. This will help ensure that any suds or low lying issues in your old system are all cleared out  before your new efficient boiler is installed…

Give our lovely office a call and we can always discuss any questions or concerns, we will always recommended what is best for your boiler!


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